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9/11 – Section 7:

‘The Sphere’ Fountain

Austin Tobin Plaza, World Trade Center

The Official Story

The Sphere (officially Sphere at Plaza Fountain) is a 25-foot (7.6 m) high, cast bronze sculpture by German artist Fritz Koenig. It is located in Liberty Park at the World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan, New York City.

Originally located at the Austin J. Tobin Plaza, the centerpiece survived the collapse of the World Trade Center towers, which resulted from the September 11 attacks in 2001.


The Sphere was recovered from the rubble, visibly damaged but largely intact. After being dismantled and stored near a hangar at John F. Kennedy International Airport, the sculpture was the subject of the 2001 documentary Koenig’s Sphere. On March 11, 2002, six months after the attack, the sculpture was moved temporarily to Battery Park, where in unrestored condition it was rededicated (September 11, 2002) with an eternal flame.

Having become a major tourist attraction, the unrestored sculpture was rededicated on August 16, 2017 by the Port Authority at a permanent location in Liberty Park, overlooking the September 11 Memorial and its original location.

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‘The Sphere’ Fountain Gallery


‘The Sphere’ Fountain – Austin Tobin Plaza, WTC

Black Sun Subliminal (Occult Symbolism)


The Black Sun (The Dark Side)


When the Moon obscures the Sun, the Black Sun is revealed.

Research the Black Sun.

The Truth

False Flag

A false flag is a covert operation designed to deceive; the deception creates the appearance of a particular party, group, or nation being responsible for some activity, disguising the actual source of responsibility.

9/11 – ‘The Sphere’ Fountain – Austin Tobin Plaza, WTC
Photographic Subliminals

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4 World Trade Center – Water Feature
Black Sun Subliminal


Research the Black Sun.

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